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Aftermarket will be a trillion-level industry

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With the continuous growth of China's automobile ownership, the market scale of automobiles is also expanding.

The so-called aftermarket of automobiles refers to the market formed around the various services in the process of automobile use after automobile sales.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in 2014 China produced a total of 23.722 million vehicles, an increase of 7.3% year-on-year, and sales of 23.34919 million vehicles, an increase of 6.9% year-on-year. Since 2009, car sales have ranked globally for five consecutive years **** **. According to the “2014 National Economic and Social Development Statistical Bulletin” published on the website of the National Bureau of Statistics, the number of civilian cars in the country at the end of 2014 reached 154.47 million, an increase of 12.4% over the end of the previous year, of which the number of private cars was 125.84 million. Up 15.5%. The number of civilian passenger cars was 83.07 million, an increase of 16.6%.

As we all know, buying a car is not a one-time consumption. After the car is purchased, insurance, maintenance, repair, and car washing and beauty costs will follow. The data shows that the scale of China's auto aftermarket industry has grown significantly in 2014. The annual aftermarket transaction is conservatively estimated at 690 billion yuan, a chain growth rate of 48.3%. It is expected that this number will rise to 900 billion yuan in 2015. It is also likely to form a large industry of over 4 trillion yuan in 2020.

如此 Under such a large market size expectation, the prospects of the automotive aftermarket are generally optimistic, and many companies are also rushing in, but it is worth noting that consumer fraud has also occurred frequently. It is understood that at present, there are many problems in the automotive aftermarket, such as second-hand car trading, auto repair, etc., because of their high professionalism and personalization, their information is not symmetrical. Decoration prices are too high.

It is worth mentioning that under the dual background of repeated chaos in the automotive aftermarket and the “Internet +” popularity, many automotive O2O companies have been born. Traditional auto companies may cooperate with related Internet companies or build their own online online platforms to rush to use the Internet technology to lay out the automotive O2O market. Some new service models for on-site car washing and on-site maintenance have been introduced.

In this regard, some analysts believe that the automobile O2O model can not only increase information transparency, but also make it easier to develop standardized products and services, which is conducive to the large-scale development of the industry.

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