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Demand analysis of the eight user industries of the machine tool industry

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The current overall situation of the machine tool industry is stabilizing and improving. The order volume is much warmer compared to the beginning of this year. The export of machine tools is developing in a good direction. The import of machine tools has declined. High-end machine tools still rely on imports more. The demand for large and heavy machine tools is relatively strong, becoming a hot spot, and the supply and demand of ordinary CNC lathes are saturated. Some capable companies have started or are studying new machine tools and special machine tools, with the intention of expanding the market space.

"China, as the fastest-growing and most consuming developing country in Asia and the world's machine tool industry, is confident in the future of machine tool development. The markets of various industries in the manufacturing industry have experienced ups and downs. Steady development. Among them, the automotive industry, military industry, aerospace, electric power industry, urban rail transit, wind energy nuclear energy industry, shipbuilding industry, mold industry and other user industries have put new requirements on the machine tool industry in terms of expanding production and improving production efficiency. It is expected to promote the vigorous development of the machine tool industry. "Luo Baihui, chief analyst of Jinmo Machine Tool Network, believes that the development of the machine tool industry, especially CNC machine tools, will be strongly supported by downstream demand. According to the special plan of "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment", by 2020, about 80% of the high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment required for aerospace, ship, automobile, and power generation equipment manufacturing will be based in China. In the future, China's machine tool industry has room for development. Very broad.

The automotive industry, which is the largest user of machine tools, continues to maintain a strong growth momentum. It is reported that during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period of the automotive industry, the planned annual output of automobiles in 2015 is 25 million units, and Dong Yang, head of the Automobile Industry Association, predicts 30 million units. The sum of the production capacity plans of all major auto companies in 2015 is more than 30 million, which undoubtedly provides a large market for machine tools.

As an important customer of machine tools, the marine supporting equipment (medium and low speed diesel engines, crankshafts, propellers, deck machinery, etc.) industry has been developing steadily for a long time, providing a broad development space for CNC machine tools and heavy machine tools. The wind power and nuclear power equipment manufacturing industries have demand for high-end CNC machine tools, especially special machine tools that need to be developed.

The rapid development of China's aerospace industry is conducive to driving demand for machine tools. ARJ21 regional jets and Xinzhou 600 regional jets will be put into production one after another. Large aircraft projects have begun and Shenzhou's manned spacecraft project needs to purchase a large number of high-speed, high-precision aircraft. , Composite CNC machine tools, and five-axis machining centers. The aerospace industry will have new demands on CNC machine tools, especially high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision, multi-axis linkage high-end CNC machine tools, which may include automatic tape laying machines and automatic wire laying machines for manufacturing composite integral components.

China's electric power industry will implement a diversified energy supply strategy, focusing on high-efficiency, high-speed, and clean energy, such as nuclear power and wind energy, as key development targets to change the situation of over-reliance on single energy sources such as coal. According to the plan, by 2015, the installed wind power capacity will reach 15 million kW, and by 2020 the installed capacity will reach 40 to 60 million kW. The rapid development of the power industry requires a large number of CNC machine tools with high reliability, large specifications, and high strength, such as various ultra-heavy CNC machine tools and special machines, as well as five-axis linkage CNC machine tools and composite processing machine tools.

In terms of urban rail transit, according to the first batch of urban rail transit project plans approved by the State Council, the planned route length by 2015 is 2,400 km, and the investment scale is nearly 700 billion yuan. As of November 2008, 100 billion yuan has been invested. The large-scale construction and planning of urban rail transit will definitely increase the demand for machine tools, such as large milling machines, grinders, and heavy machine tools. China's railway construction and transformation, which focuses on high-speed, speed-up and heavy-load, has entered the "fast track" of development. The demand for machine tools in the rail transit industry is multifaceted. One is locomotive (electric locomotive and electric drive diesel locomotive) and vehicle manufacturing.

Another is the daily maintenance of wheel and axle manufacturing machines, as well as track processing and high-speed railway sleeper processing. The above-mentioned processing and manufacturing urgently need universal CNC metal cutting machine tools, such as machining centers, CNC vertical lathes, etc. Special CNC metal cutting machine tools are also needed, such as track plate grinders, axle grinders, etc. Forming machines such as presses and bending machines are also required.

In addition, the general equipment production situation is improving, the shipbuilding industry has maintained rapid growth, and the situation of new orders has improved. While other machinery industries are loyal users of machine tools, large and medium-sized enterprises and some foreign-invested enterprises will focus on purchasing high- and mid-range CNC machine tools, while small and medium-sized enterprises, especially private SMEs, will mostly buy mid- and low-grade CNC machine tools. CNC special and specialized machine tools also have no small demand. In the future, low-end and mid-range machine tools will account for a significant proportion.

"Chinese enterprises need to seize good development opportunities, strengthen independent innovation, improve technological level and industrialization scale, and actively explore emerging markets in order to cope with future market competition." Luo Baihui pointed out that currently China's aerospace and automotive mold industry urgently need high-end CNC machine tools and equipment include: high-speed machining centers, multi-axis simultaneous machining centers, dual-spindle turning centers and turning and milling centers, precision grinders and composite grinders, precision electrical machining machines, precision large-scale boring and milling machines, precision floor-type boring and milling machines, and efficient CNC machines However, domestic enterprises of these equipments are still not very satisfied, and the level of industrialization has yet to be improved. On the basis of increasing the independent development of CNC machine tool products as soon as possible, it is necessary to strengthen international cooperation and improve the supply level of high-end CNC machine tools and complete sets.

Talking about the development trend of mold CNC machining, Luo Baihui said that the market demand for high-end CNC machine tools in China is increasing, and new products of CNC machine tools are frequent. The CNC punching machine has a CNC control system, which can arbitrarily set the movement mode and speed of the slider according to the needs of the processing method. According to market changes, the development direction of domestic CNC machine tools in the future is expected to have the following models.

1, Screw CNC Press

The servo working machine uses an AC servo motor to drive the slider through the screw. The position of the bottom dead point in the forming can be controlled by the position reading device to provide data to the position control device. Therefore, the thermal expansion and elastic deformation of the machine will not affect the accuracy of the product, and the most suitable slider movement mode and the position of the dead point are controlled in extremely small units. Therefore, it is suitable for high-precision and high-performance non-cutting forming screw servo punches. The hydraulic motor and energy storage are used for torque control. The position of the bottom dead point can be controlled to the micron level. .

2, Crank type servo punch

A CNC punch with a crankshaft punch and AC servo motor. This kind of punch press uses the servo motor to replace the clutch brake and flywheel of the original punch. This punch has the characteristics of a servo punch with a slider motion mode that can be arbitrarily set, and also has the torque characteristics of an ordinary mechanical punch as shown in Figure 3. However, its working energy will not decrease in the low speed region.

3. Double-acting forming punch

Double-action forming is a powerful method for non-cutting forming. An example of closed forging in cold forging is to control the plastic flow of materials by controlling the actions of multiple punches and dies and the time chart. Product accuracy and formability can be improved, and even the number of processes can be shortened.

Double-action forming can be roughly divided into two categories: the double-action forming that attaches importance to the versatility of the punching machine and the use of the double-action die frame; the multi-type production mold assembly and disassembly are easy to use the double-action forming. Recently, not only in the forging process, but also in the diversification and improvement of the ability of sheet metal forming and forging composite forming, at the same time, the punch is required to have not only multi-action performance, but also high versatility.

4, closed forging punch

The forming of star wheels and cross couplings has generally used closed forging dies and general forging punches. Its mold structure has occlusion function and coordination function. Other closed forging punches that can save piping time during mold assembly can be divided into two types: these functions are all in the punch and the upper and lower cylinders are on the punch, and the coordination mechanism is on the die seat.

5, sheet forging punch

With the popularization of sheet metal forging and forming, it is required that the forging punch can be drawn or shortened. Therefore, it is required that the slider and the workbench must have an oil cylinder. Almost the original closed forging uses high-capacity normal-pressure action. In addition to the normal-pressure action that is compatible with the method, sheet forging also requires functions such as sequential action and self-locking.

6. Gear press

复 Hydraulic hydraulic press for helical gear forming. This kind of punching machine has slide driving, 2 in the slider and 2 in the table. A total of 5 driving sources are combined with one hydraulic driving device. The initial stage of forming is the same as the forging of the inner ring of the normal pressure ejector pin method. The male die is inserted into the cavity of the concave tooth profile in the occlusion, and the material starts to flow from below for initial forming. In this state, the core rises and the core diameter in the center of the material changes from coarse to thin. At this time, the inner diameter of the workpiece has a new space, which can generate new plastic flow, so increasing the pressure material can fill the apex of the tooth shape. The product processed by this method has a processing pressure of only 1300Mpa, and the sag angle and hairiness of the tooth portion are extremely small. Gears formed by controlling the material flow by double-acting forming can reach JIS level 3 ~ 4, which is very close to high value-added non-cutting forming.

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